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Tell us about your start up

Mapsd is an innovative Fibre Design and Planning firm that provides cutting-edge solutions for FTTx, enterprise, rural community, and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) planning to suit the ever-increasing demands of Internet service providers. We offer technical consulting services to help with ITTs, procedures, and standards related to the construction and deployment of fibre optic networks.

What is your USP?

We have a firm grasp of the telecoms business due to our team’s years of experience in every facet of fibre, from construction to design. The development of solid working connections with our partners and the capacity to efficiently absorb architecture needs are key to our efforts, as are the delivery of timely, distinctive, and dependable results to our partners.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?

Because of the strong relationships we’ve established within the telecoms industry, our staff is able to provide expert advice on which products will best meet the requirements of each individual client. From our inception, we’ve collaborated with some forward-thinking alternative networks to bring first-rate services to people all around Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Why did you establish the business?

Mapsd was established to compete with industry heavyweights, which were having trouble meeting customer demand due to long delivery timeframes, and to spur creative solutions that would yield high-quality, easily digestible final products. Our research shows that many alternative networks, particularly the smaller ones, are not given sufficient design priority by industry frontrunners when they attempt to make the leap from the fixed wireless access to full fibre ISP model.

What does the future hold for your business?

Mapsd has a bright future ahead of it as plans are underway to leverage decades of experience in building fibre networks by assembling a specialised team of surveyors, cablers, fibre jointers, and civils engineers. This will allow us to expand into a full-turnkey partner and provide our full capabilities to clients all over Scotland and the United Kingdom. To further assure our clients receive reduced prices and faster outputs, we plan to invest heavily in the automation of our planning and design processes. By forming strategic alliances with multiple ISPs and ensuring that our values and commitments are congruent with theirs, Mapsd plans to play a significant role in the next year in the rollout of fibre to those who need it most and in reducing the digital divide in rural communities in the United Kingdom.

Comany CV

Headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Number of employees: 4

Last funding type: Self-funded

Website URL:

LinkedIn URL:

Founders: Callum McNair, Carl Puno, George Smith, and Ryan Dickson

You can join the Mapsd team at this year’s Connected North conference live in Manchester on 17-18 April

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