The successful proof-of-concept trial shows that network slicing could offer “a whole new world of programmable network use cases” for operators to monetise

With 5G standalone networks beginning to become a reality in European networks in 2022, some of the most anticipated use cases for 5G are finally becoming a reality. 

This is certainly the case for A1 Telekom Austria, which first began testing standalone 5G architecture with Nokia back in 2021 and has now completed an end-to-end demonstration of network slicing with Amdocs. 

During the proof-of-concept trial, Amdocs’ solution was used to demonstrate end-to-end life cycle management of 5G network slices and virtualised applications over public and private cloud and edge. This included the design and creation of the individual network slices, modification during operation, and termination.

Amdocs highlighted the commercial viability of their slicing capabilities, saying that 5G network slicing would further enable new use cases, including drones and the metaverse. The trial showed that both design time and time to market for accessing a network slice could be reduced to just minutes, allowing for customisable slices to be offered rapidly via a customer-facing portal. 

“We are delighted with the results of this project, which underlines the exciting possibilities of 5G and Amdocs’ vital role in enabling the deployment and monetization of 5G network slices,” said Juergen Wolf-Hofer, Head of Network Evolution at A1 Telekom. “The deliverable use cases that were demonstrated in relation to Amdocs’ end-to-end service and network orchestration solution are very exciting. We will take the learnings from the project and apply them as we look to introduce next-generation 5G services to our consumer and enterprise customers.”


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