Fastfiber will be the largest fibre wholesaler in Portugal, having passed around four million homes by the end of 2019

Back in December, Meo, a subsidiary of Altice Europe, agreed to the sale of 49.99% equity in Altice Portugal FTTH to Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners. 
The resulting enterprise, to be named Fastfiber, was valued at €4.63 billion, with Morgan Stanley  paying an initial sum of €1.573 billion, with two further instalments of €375 million planned for December 2021 and 2026.
With the deal finalised, today is the launch of Fastfiber, which comprises all of Meo’s FTTH and dark fibre assets in Portugal. This makes the company by far the biggest wholesaler of FTTH in Portugal, claiming around four million homes reached at the end of 2019.
The new company will focus on the sales of fibre network access to operators on equal financial terms, while Meo will in turn sell technical services to Fastfiber.
The start of this year has been a busy one for Altice Europe when it comes to Portugal, with the company selling its Portuguese tower infrastructure company OMTEL to hungry Spanish operator Cellnex for around €800 million.

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