Bulk Fiber Networks has announced that they will be working with APTelecom on the monetisation of the HAVFRUE subsea cable. APTelecom, a fibre consultancy firm who specialises in global markets, will act as International Sales Partner on the project.

The HAVFRUE submarine cable will provide international connectivity from Esbjerg, Denmark to New Jersey, USA. The cable will also have branches to Ireland and Norway. 
Bulk Fiber Networks is a division of Bulk Infrastructure, a provider of sustainable digital infrastructure based in the Nordics. 
Speaking about the partnership, Peder Nærbo, Founder and Chairman of Bulk Infrastructure, said: “HAVFRUE is an important addition of modern, diverse routing options connecting our growing data center capabilities in the Nordics with Europe and the United States. APTelecom brings a track record of global success in strategic fiber consulting and helps bring our Nordic sustainable infrastructure to the major international markets.”
Sean Bergin, President of APTelecom also commented: “We are honored to be a part of such an important project and working with the team at Bulk Infrastructure that have decades of experience in establishing and operating digital infrastructure where it never existed before.
"The demand for data continues to grow across the Atlantic and even more so in the Nordic regions where current capacity is extremely limited. The region will benefit greatly from increased capacity infrastructure to boost potential and make network services fit for use beyond 2021.”