The Green Tech Innovation Platform will see BT partner start-ups for green solutions, while the UK Electric Fleets Alliance will see it transform its commercial van fleet to electric power by 2030

When it comes to UK operators, BT has one of the more relaxed green targets, aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045. However, they are making excellent progress, notably reducing carbon emissions this year by almost 20%.
Now, they have announced plans to make further progress towards their goal, both through a new platform to help scale-up tech from start-ups, as well as converting their vehicle fleet to electric power.
The Green Tech Innovation Platform is based on a new deal with innovation platform Plug and Play, aiming to use this platform to help trial and scale up green technologies developed by start-ups. The areas specifically targeted for innovation include smart areas, smart buildings, and remote working.
Come the autumn, BT hopes to have chosen a number of start-up projects to partner with on a greater scale.
Meanwhile, BT’s 34,000-strong vehicle fleet remains a significant roadblock for carbon neutrality, with only 23 vehicles currently electric. BT’s launch of the UK Electric Fleets Alliance, alongside green charity The Climate Group, aims to change this, with the Alliance promoting the use of electric vehicles and expanding the UK’s electric vehicle-charging infrastructure, which is currently lacking.
While no strict targets have been announced for the Alliance, the group’s creation is a positive sign of BT’s overall commitment to a greener future in upcoming period of economic recovery post-COVID-19.
“Despite the temporary reprieve on carbon emissions and air quality in towns and cities during the lockdown, the global climate emergency hasn’t gone away,” said BT CEO Philip Jansen. “As we emerge from the crisis, the recovery presents a huge opportunity for Governments, businesses and individuals to put action on climate at the heart of their efforts.”
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