Big three also pledge to cut leased line tariffs for SMEs.

China’s operators have all agreed to scrap domestic roaming charges from 1 October.

As part of a range of government measures aimed at reducing tariffs and incentivising the uptake of high-speed Internet services, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom also all pledged to lower the cost of leased lines for SMEs.

"The company will cancel all handset domestic long-distance and roaming tariffs from 1 October 2017 onwards," said China Mobile, in a statement on Monday.

Domestic roaming fees in China have been on a downward glide path for years, and it emerged in 2015 that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) was considering scrapping them altogether. The government confirmed this intention in May last year.

"The company expects that the aforesaid measures will have a certain impact on the company’s operating revenue and net profit," said China Mobile on Monday.

"The company will continue to leverage its leading advantages in 4G, encourage its customers to increase their usage of telecommunications services whilst upgrading speed and reducing tariffs in order to achieve a higher turnover despite a lower profit margin, and strive to reduce the impact on revenue and net profit of the aforesaid measures."

This being the Chinese telecoms market, very similar statements were issued by China Unicom and China Telecom as well.

China Unicom said it will "accelerate innovative transformation" and optimise its business structure so as to achieve "continuous healthy business development", while China Telecom said it will promote its own "sustainable healthy development" by optimising its business structure.