In a year of so much disruption, what must the telecoms industry do to ensure the UK achieves the connectivity it deserves? Connected Britain brings the industry’s leading voices together

For the first time, Total Telecom’s seminal UK telecoms event, Connected Britain, is going virtual, allowing attendees to enjoy a myriad of fascinating presentations from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. 
Virtualising a physical event presents a number of unique challenges but, for Total Telecom, ensuring a comprehensive and star-studded agenda has not been one of them. The broad array of keynote speeches alone –  delivered by chief executives from a host of the UK’s biggest connectivity players, including Three, O2, BT, Openreach, CityFibre, TalkTalk, Gigaclear, and Hyperoptic – is testament to the continued excellence which has been delivered by this event for the past six years.
“Connected Britain 2020 is going to take virtual events for the telecoms sector to the next level,” said Total Telecom’s managing director, Rob Chambers. “For many years, this event has brought the industry together to discuss the key issues facing the UK when it comes to connectivity. Now, in the wake of the coronavirus, these discussions are going to be more important than ever.”
Featuring over 250 speakers from every aspect of the UK telecoms sector, Connected Britain is the UK’s leading connectivity event. Tickets are still available – register here today.
Nine curated streams for a personalised experience
One of the major advantages of Connected Britain’s virtual transition is the increased ease of delivering a personalised attendee experience. Gone are the days of scrolling through agendas to find the room for your next session of interest, only to find it situated at the other end of the venue. Now, Connected Britain brings you nine tracks full of specialised sessions from industry-leading presenters – and they are all just a simple click away.
Gigabit Britain • Smart Britain • Channel Britain • Project Rollout • 5GLIVE • Upskill Britain • Digital Britain • Connected Society • Connected Infrastructure
Today, we take a closer look at some highlight sessions from Connected Britain’s first day, Wednesday 23rd of September, which features the Gigabit Britain, Smart Britain, and Channel Britain streams. Whether your interest lies in the industry’s ability to overcome the challenges they face in delivering on the government’s full fibre goals of 2025, the latest smart city developments, or the evolution of channel business models, Wednesday has something for you!
Gigabit Britain 
Our connected future: Technology, strategy, and investment for next generation connectivity
The stream’s opening session is a panel discussion featuring speakers from Hyperoptic, CommScope, Emtelle, VX Fiber, CityFibre, and Virgin Media. Moderated by Malcolm Corbett, CEO of INCA, this session will discuss the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the fibre industry’s continuity, how regulations need to change to deliver governmental targets, and what innovative strategies can help make next generation UK networks a reality.
The rise of the altnets
Alternative networks are a fundamental part of the UK’s telecoms landscape and are increasingly growing in prominence in their quest to deliver connectivity across the nation. But how is the rise of the altnet reshaping digital infrastructure investment strategies? Is consolidation ultimately inevitable? Learn from the experts in this session, with speakers from INCA, Infracapital, and Octopus Investments. 
Smart Britain 
Fibre, 5G, and the reinvention of the city
The creation of truly smart cities in no small feat and will largely be realised as a result of the nuanced relationship between fibre and 5G, as well as changing attitudes in city management. In this session, speakers from UK5G, the University of Bristol, JT Group Ltd, BT, SEE Enterprise Telecoms, and the government’s Department for Digital, Culture, and Sport come together to discuss the key enablers of a smart city and what we have gleaned from 5G trials and testbeds so far.
What makes a smart city a success?
Defining success is never a simple process. In this session, speakers from a range of communities discuss their vision for smart city blueprints, the role of private–public partnerships, and the role of smart city pioneers in shaping our digital future. Moderated by Chief Digital officer for London, Theo Blackwell, with speakers from Newcastle, Bristol, and Aberdeen city councils, as well as Connecting Cambridgeshire and Jacobs, this session offers a window into the minds of key decision makers in this emerging sphere.

Channel Britain 
Innovation and evolution in channel business models
Digital infrastructure is changing rapidly, with the emergence of new products and services happening at an astonishing pace. But how are these services – and next generation digital infrastructure in general – evolving business models? From lessons learned during the pandemic to the viability of future strategies, this session, featuring speakers from OryxAlign, IDC, Pinacl Solutions, Digital Wholesale Solutions, and Maintel, will offer and excellent overview of the strategic landscape of 2020 and beyond.
How should the channel adapt to fibre and 5G rollouts?
5G and the latest fibre rollouts are having a transformative effect on the UK’s business ecosystem. In a country that is embracing digitalisation like never before, what should product and service offerings ultimately look like? Join speakers from Cartesian, Zen Internet, CityFibre, Virgin Media Business, Pangea Group, and Jola as they consider the key barriers going forward, as well as the dynamic shift when partnering with wholesalers.
Connected Britain 2020 promises to be bigger and better than ever before.
Taking place on the 23rd–25th of September, it’s not too late to grab your tickets. 

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