Total Telecom were delighted to speak with John Carney, SVP Communications and Media at Salesforce, about the ways in which customer expectations are changing amidst the global pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has thrust changes upon all of us, from the way we work and interact with our colleagues to how to socialise and keep in touch with our families. As digitalisation soars, companies must adapt to this rapidly changing world in order to meet their customers changing expectations. 

"It’s pretty stunning when you look at some of the data around how much e-commerce has grown year over year and how much consumers and companies are relying on digital engagement," explains Carney. "This was an underlying trend pre-COVID, but in my experience it has dramatically accelerated post-COVID, and some of these things are here to stay."

 In the brief video interview below, Carney goes on to explain exactly how Salesforce is adapting when it comes to the pandemic, as well how they are moving to work more closely with telcos during this period to help deliver the innovative experiences that customers now desire.



John Carney, SVP Communications & Media, Salesforce will be presenting at this year’s Total Telecom Congress virtual event. He will share his thoughts on how telcos can successfully deliver innovative experiences for their customers of tomorrow. Register for your Total Telecom Congress Pass and have a chat with the team.  



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