Telekom is moving Berlin “forward in the gigabit age, says Mayor

Telekom Deutschland aims to provide almost all households and companies in Berlin with gigabit speeds by 2030, raising the goal for FTTH connections to 2 million.

The plan was announced by Telekom Deutschland Board Member Srini Gopalan at a meeting with the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Franziska Giffey and Stephan Schwarz, Berlin Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

In a statement he said ““Berlin is a central hub of our continent. In order for the location to remain internationally competitive, a modern digital infrastructure is needed. We want to ensure that the people of Berlin and the local companies have access to the network of the future.”

Telekom had previously announced plans for one million FTTH connections which they now intend to deliver by 2026 – one year ahead of schedule. They are gradually increasing the rate of build and aim to reach 250,000 connections per year by 2024. This will be the largest fibre optic expansion project in Germany.

Gopalan further continued that Telekom’s fibre optic network already covers more than 650,000 kilometers and supplies more than 34.5 million households and companies with download bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit/s (via vectoring technology). The aim is to ensure that every household and company in Germany can have a fibre optic connection by 2030. Currently around three million have access to a pure fibre connections with bandwidths of up to 1 Gbit/s.

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