Startup Story

Pioneers of the decentralized wireless (DeWi) movement have been described as a new generation of telecom cowboys. We meet one of them, Houston startup LongFi Solutions

Tell us about your startup
Our mission is to become a leading decentralized wireless infrastructure company, with a focus on growing cutting edge networks like Helium, Xnet, and Really Wireless. We create passive profit streams for real estate Owners and Developers by deploying decentralized wireless network technology on their assets while improving connectivity to the surrounding community. LongFi Team has been building LoRaWAN networks domestically and internationally since 2019 and began deploying CBRS small cell networks in 2022. Major markets include Texas, Florida, and Colorado in the US and Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, El Salvador, India internationally.

What is your USP?
LongFi is one of the rare companies in the decentralized wireless space that has existed since the launch of the sector (2019) and operate domestically and internationally. Our deep expertise in decentralized wireless and proprietary relationships has allowed our company to rapidly deploy and maximize value for the real estate partners and communities we work with.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
LongFi deploys and operates wireless infrastructure with a focus on IoT and small cell networks.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
LongFi has primarily bootstrapped from its inception and completed a small capital raise in 2022 from strategic angel investors, friends & family. We are actively raising a seed round.

Why did you establish the business?
Founder’s backgrounds are in the energy industry where they saw the challenges of traditional infrastructure building. In 2019, the decentralized wireless sector launched and it was quickly apparent how that model could dramatically reduce the cost of infrastructure building. Coupled with the growing connectivity needs of our communities and lack of connectivity of third world countries, we felt we could help bridge the gap with this low cost infrastructure building model.

Who inspired you?
We are inspired by the Entrepreneurs that came before us specifically in the computer and internet sectors (90’s & 00’s). Advancements in computers and launch of the internet democratized access to knowledge globally, but there are still connectivity gaps we hope to help fill going forward.

What does the future hold for your business?
We think this model of infrastructure building extends beyond wireless networks to other areas like energy and mobility. We hope to leverage our expertise to take advantage of these other sectors that compliment our existing business model.

The Telecom Cowboys of the Decentralized Wireless Movement


LongFi Solutions will be showcasing their solutions in the Startup Village at Connected America, Dallas, March 28-29, 2023. Join them there