Total Telecom is excited to present the second instalment of our interactive webinar series on Delivering Innovation for Telco Transformation, delivered in proud partnership with Intel

The telecoms landscape is changing rapidly, with a host of emerging technologies set to drastically reshape existing business strategies. From the rapid deployment of 5G to the diverse industrial implications of IoT, edge computing, and AI-integration, the telco space is becoming broader than ever, offering a world of new opportunities waiting to be seized. 

But navigating this new world will not be easy for telcos. Indeed, new technologies present new challenges, and breaking fresh ground with numerous industries beyond a telco’s typical scope will require them to rethink their business strategies. In order to effectively harness these new technologies and penetrate new markets, telcos will need to form new and effective synergistic partnerships if they are to deliver innovative products and services to their customers.

In Total Telecom’s upcoming event in partnership with Intel, we are bringing together numerous experts to share their wisdom on three key subjects that are set to define this new era: 

5G and Communications | IoT and Edge | Artificial Intelligence

In the 5G and Communications track, a panel featuring speakers from Colt Technology Services, Intel, the University of Sussex, and Plum Consulting, will discuss how to enhance and scale a networks efficiency and overall capability, exploring the value of standalone deployments and network slicing. They will also address one of the key concerns for operators right now when deploying 5G: how do I monetise this technology and get a substantial return of investment?

Running parallel to this discussion will be another on navigating the IoT ecosystem, with panellists looking beyond connectivity towards more value added services. Featuring speakers from Telefonica, Proximus, A1 Digital and Intel, this is a panel with a wealth of experience, ready to share their insight in how business and delivery models need to change to deliver the maximum value from the IoT.

The final track of the day focusses on AI, a technology that is becoming increasingly fundamental to almost every aspect of a telco’s operations. From facilitating automation in an industrial setting to handling big data in the B2B space, the potential for this technology is incredible, but telcos will need to be savvy in their use of it to support their offerings. In this session, speakers from Telefonica, Elisa, and Intel will guide you through the process of integrating AI into telco solutions. 

All of these sessions are entirely interactive and will be concluded with a Q&A session to allow the viewers to have their voices heard. 

The panels will take place from 15:00 BST on the 3rd of December. Register for your ticket here

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