Internet giant seeks to steal some of the limelight from Amazon Echo.

Google on Tuesday announced that its Home smart speaker is headed for the U.K. next month, along with a new WiFi route

Officially unveiled last May, Google Home is a cylindrical, connected speaker that resembles a giant air freshener and comes equipped with the Internet giant’s voice-activated digital assistant, Google Assistant.

Customers can use it for various helpful tasks, such as accessing content and information – such as music, news and weather – asking for directions, translations, and setting alarms and notifications.

It can even play trivia games, tell jokes, and make animal noises. Make of that what you will.

Google Home is a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo, which is being heavily promoted in the U.K. at the moment. Two of the three Echo variants are on offer, the full-sized, £149 (€171.63) Echo, and the smaller, £49.99 Echo Dot, which comes with all the same features as its bigger sibling, except the speaker.

"We know the U.K. has been patiently waiting for Google Home to arrive and we’ve been working with our favourite partners to give you the best possible experience. We’ll partner with more of your favourite apps and services to help you do more with Google Home over time," said Google.

It is available in the U.K. from 6 April from various retailers as well as the Google Store, priced at £129. EE also plans to stock it.

Google on Tuesday also announced it is launching a home WiFi router in the U.K., aptly-titled ‘Google Wifi’, which uses mesh technology to provide consistent coverage and performance throughout the home.

"We all know how frustrating it can be when wireless connectivity fails at home, especially if you’re streaming your favourite TV show," said Google. "Today we’re also introducing Google Wifi to the U.K. Google Wifi is a home WiFi solution that works with your modem and Internet provider to bring you reliable coverage."

WiFi mesh products are already widely available in the U.K., and are typically marketed as whole home WiFi systems. BT launched its own version in January, priced at £300.

Google WiFi costs £129 for a single router, or £229 for the router and a repeater. It too is available from 6 April.