With connectivity quickly becoming integral to our lives during the pandemic, much attention has been paid to terrestrial networks and their rapid transformation – but what about the equally crucial world of submarine connectivity?

2020 has been a year of change for all of us. The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to remain at home, reliant entirely upon connectivity to keep in touch with their friends and families and keep businesses operational. 


This change in circumstances has led to an enormous surge in demand for submarine cable capacity, a trend which was already present in the germ even before the crisis struck. So, with connectivity demand growing at an alarming rate, should we expect to see new cables rolled out in the near future to add to the roughly 400 systems currently in operation around the world?


Total Telecom’s upcoming webinar ‘Submarine Networks in the Time of Covid’, moderated by Infinera’s Director of Solutions and Technology, Geoff Bennett, will bring two of the submarine cable industry’s leading figures together to share their experiences during this difficult time, highlighting key drivers in different parts of the market. 


Seaborn Network’s co-founder and COO will consider the demand side of the industry, bringing to the fore his own experience as a cable operator, while Infinera’s senior director Moran Roth will tackle supply, including the latest in cable technologies.


“The need to reconfigure network traffic loads because of our changing work patterns has resulted in a dramatic increase in submarine network demand,” explained Roth. “Infinera’s ICE6 transponder technology will ensure that any cable operator can extract the maximum capacity from new or existing subsea cables.”


The discussion will dig deep into differences in supply and demand in different parts of the world, as well as tackling the age old question of just how much further can we push existing cables before we need to look to deploy new ones.


If you want to better understand the dynamics of the submarine cable industry as we look forward to 2021, this webinar is set to offer unique insight into what the future holds.


The ‘Submarine Networks in the Time of Covid’ will take place at 4pm GMT on Wednesday the 2nd of December. Register for free here to watch the session in full.


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