The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of life and business. So how will it impact telcos’ activities and spending priorities in the next few months?

STL Partners has been researching this across the industry, looking at five areas: technologies, enterprise and consumer market areas, networks and leadership. They will be sharing some of the findings at their webinar on COVID-19’s impact on telco priorities today, Tuesday 5th May at 3pm UK time. (To join, please register here.) 
The webinar will feature the research and commentary from Rainer Deutschmann, COO Dialog Axiata, Sukant Mohapatra from Verizon’s 5G labs, Andrew Collinson and Amy Cameron from STL, and Dean Bubley who’s both an associate of STL and founder of Disruptive Analysis. 
The survey is looking at what activities are likely to be pulled back or pushed forward. For example, will telco activities in 5G, AI, security, etc. will speed ahead or be delayed?
Below is a preview of some very early findings from about 60 participants. It shows that views on 5G are more divergent than many other areas so far.
Andrew Collinson, STL Partners’ Research Director, who is running the research, says “it’s not just a question of ‘down with 5G!’ – it’s more nuanced than that, and that’s one of the things we will be discussing later today.”
Andrew will also be moderating the upcoming Total Telecom webinar entitled State of Play, Telecoms & COVID-19 on the 13th of May at 11:00am BST. The webinar will discuss telcos’ operational resilience in the wake of the crisis, as well as how to ensure business continuity and agility during industry-shifting events. The panellists leading the session will be Luis Alveirinho, CTO, Altice Portugal; Ravi Mahalingam, SVP, International Business, HGC Global Communications; and Ana Dinho, Director, Customer Operations, eir. 
To get a full copy of the results, participate via the online survey here. It covers. It should take about 6 minutes and all input will be treated in confidence.