Australian start-up HyperOne has announced its plans to build a 20,000km hyperscale national fibre network. HyperOne is the latest venture of Bevan Slattery, serial entrepreneur in the Australian telecoms industry and the founder of ventures such as Superloop, SUB.CO and Megaport. 
Slattery took to social media on 11th February to share the news, saying “Pleased to announce we are building a $1.5b new Hyperscale backbone for Australia. The first truly private national backbone with more bandwidth than every other backbone ever built. HyperOne!??
HyperOne will provide greater national resiliency, enable future industries such as Space, Cloud, satellite, new undersea cable landing points all around Australia.”
The HyperOne network would be “capable of carrying over 10,000Tbps” and according to the project’s website, would connect Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin, as well as interconnecting with two submarine links to Tanzania and onward connectivity to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.
It is also hoped that the network will provide transmission to local distribution networks, and the project is said to already been in discussions with NBN Co, the Northern Australian Infrastructure Fund (NAIF), MNOs and both federal and state governments.