With geopolitical tensions flaring, how can the telecoms industry ensure the resilience of their supply chains?

The coronavirus pandemic has truly demonstrated just how vital connectivity is to our daily lives, whether that be through working from home or keeping in touch with loved ones during this difficult time.


At the heart of this connectivity is a secure and resilient supply chain, with a multitude of players seamlessly integrated with one another in order to help operators deliver the best connectivity experience.


But the equilibrium of the global supply chain is not guaranteed. Indeed, new threats are emerging every day that threaten to shake up the stability of the supply chain and potentially disrupt international connectivity. This is especially true of the semiconductor industry, which finds itself at the heart of a growing geopolitical confrontation.


“The semiconductor supply chain is composed of many crucial nodesgoing from the material and substrate to the system design level,” explained Dimitris Mavrakis, research director at ABI Research. “No single country or region currently has complete control of this supply chain, which makes the semiconductor industry a truly global environment. Any disruption to this value chain, as a result of geopolitics and trade wars, could have a dramatic consequences across many industries, including telecoms networks, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, and many industries that are vital for the world economic growth.”


So, what can the industry do to ensure the resilience of its supply chains in the face of these new threats? Total Telecom’s latest webinar, seeks to answer that question and many more.


Discussing everything from the value of competition to the potential fallout from major disruptions, the webinar features a varied and experienced panel:

Luis Alveirinho, CTIO, Altice Portugal

– Adrian Scrase, CTO, ETSI

– Prof. Sally Eaves, Forbes Technology Council, CTO & Emergent Technology Strategic Advisor

(Moderator) Dimitris Mavrakis, Research Director, ABI Research


The free webinar How can we ensure the resilience of the global network supply chain? will take place on Thursday the 18th of June from 11:00AM – 12:00PM BST.

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