With the World Communication Awards entry deadline (4 June 2021) now less than two months away many questions have been directed to the Total Telecom team regarding who can enter and how to do it. Here are some of the most common questions and the answers you need.

Most information regarding the categories and how to enter is contained in the categories brochure that you can download here

Who are the awards open to?
The WCA are open to both operators / CSP’s and suppliers / vendors. Some categories are for specific groups – refer to the categories brochure

Should I submit multiple entries to the Awards?
To maximise your chances of success it is certainly wise to submit more than one entry for the WCA. However, we would strongly advise against submitting multiple entries in the same category. Essentially this means you are competing against yourself and often split the judges vote giving you less chance of success.

Who decides the winners of the WCA?
Winners are determined by our expert panel of more than 70 judges – you can view them here. Every judge is carefully selected for their industry knowledge and specific topic or geographic focus. In general, they comprise analysts and consultants, journalists, and representatives of trade associations – the very people that many companies in the industry invest heavily in trying to influence through press and analyst relations programmes!

Do I have to enter online?
Yes, all entries must be submitted online, via the ENTRY FORM on This feeds directly into the judging system used by our 70+ expert judges to start assessing your entries.

When will the winners be named?
Winners of the 2021 World Communication Awards will be named in London on the 27 October 2021 and announced by email shortly afterwards. The awards presentation coincides with the annual Total Telecom Congress on the 26-27 October at the Business Design Centre, London.

Can I add attachments to my entry?
Everything you want to submit must be included in the entry form. You cannot upload attachments, but you can provide links to documents hosted on webpages – please do not add passwords as the judges will not be able to review the files. Please remember that there are hundreds of entries each year, so adding attachments to your entry does not necessarily make it any more compelling.

What can I submit as supporting evidence?
We ask you to submit three pieces of evidence to support your entry and this can be anything to verify your claims. Testimonials are particularly highly regarded by the judges, but also think about specific statistics to demonstrate you are claiming, press coverage etc.

How do we improve our World Communication Award entries?
The keys to a great entry are clarity and relevance. You must clearly demonstrate how you address the entry criteria for the category and then provide proof / supporting evidence to back up your claims. The biggest failings we see from entries are those which do not fit the category criteria and those which make unsubstantiated claims.

Do entrants have to be based in the UK / can US companies enter?
These are the WORLD communication awards and so we encourage you to enter from any country. In 2020 we received entries from every continent, check out the winners and finalists to get an idea of the countries represented.

When is the shortlist announced?
Finalists are announced by Total Telecom in September, immediately after the judges have met to debate who makes the grade. We urge everyone who enters to capitalise on the shortlist as it is a fantastic achievement to be a finalist, regardless of whether you are the overall winner in a category.

Which categories should we enter?
It is hard for us to advise what entries you should submit but try to think about areas where you have a genuine USP compared to the competition and your product offering is genuinely innovative. Also think about the proof – will you be able to demonstrate to the judges that you deserve to win? TOP TIP – look at the new categories as competition is usually lower, for example the Sustainable Impact and Beyond Connectivity categories.

Are my entries confidential?
Absolutely – all the judges have signed a non-disclosure agreement and we will not publish any confidential information about your entry. We also never reveal who enters but does not make the shortlist.

Do we have to sponsor the WCA to win?
Definitely not. As much as we appreciate sponsor support it plays no part in determining who the winners are – this is down to the independent judging panel [if you are interested in sponsoring email Mylo].

Who can submit the entries?
Entries come from a variety of sources including operational teams, PR and marketing departments, external PR companies and partner companies.

Will there be an extension to the entry deadline?
The published entry deadline is the 4 June 2021. We usually do offer a short extension to this, but we do not guarantee this will be offered.

Why should we enter the World Communication Awards?
There are so many reasons to enter, and even more this year as we hope to move away from the pandemic. Three of the top reasons to enter include:

  • Demonstrate the success and leadership of your company or product as a finalist or winner at the WCA – it is a fantastic PR message
  • Reward your employees’ efforts through public recognition of a job well done
  • Gain sales advantage by standing out from your competitors with a World Communication Award

We hope this article answers most of your questions, but if not get in touch

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