The deal deepens the relationship between the two firms, who have worked together since 2020 

Infosys, India’s second largest IT services company, has signed a five-year contract with Liberty Global to provide Liberty with services worth $1.64 billion. The deal has the potential to be extended by an additional three years, and if so, will be worth $2.3 billion. 

The deal is an expansion of a pre-existing agreement established in 2020, in which Infosys supports Liberty Global’s various technology services. This expansion will see Infosys take over the building and operations management of Liberty Global’s Horizon entertainment and connectivity platform, incorporating external innovations such as Infosys’ AI technologies (Topaz™) to ensure an improved operation in both scalability and efficiency. 

Horizon is the platform through which Liberty Global’s 10 million worldwide TV customers access content, including both live and on-demand video. Since 2020, it has been run by Liberty Global with assistance from Infosys, but the new deal will see Infosys take over the platform’s operation and development. 

If the deal is approved by regulators, Liberty Global will license Horizon to Infosys, who will then run the system for service providers outside of the Liberty Global Group. According to Liberty, this will  “enable millions of new customers, around the world, to experience next-generation digital entertainment and connectivity services through Horizon for the first time” and provide both Liberty Global and Infosys with new revenue opportunities.  

But despite this handover, Liberty Global will retain some elements of control, including product roadmaps, as well as “all intellectual property for the Horizon entertainment and connectivity platforms”. 

“We are excited to bring Infosys Topaz™ to enable transformative AI-first capabilities to complement the cloud-first digital foundation we have laid for Liberty Global using Infosys Cobalt. This will unveil a new chapter in our joint journey of innovation as we reimagine entertainment and the connectivity experience for millions of global consumers,” said Salil Parekh, CEO and MD of Infosys. 

“This expansion of our relationship is the right next step to further strengthen the performance of our digital-first entertainment and connectivity solutions [and] scale their reach and impact… as we chart the next round of innovations that we will drive together,” said Liberty Global CTO Enrique Rodriguez. 

According to the companies, it is estimated that over 400 Liberty Global employees will join Infosys to assist in the running of the licensed platform. 

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