Local Authorities in the UK play a pivotal role in delivering the government’s target, and promise, to get Britain ‘ubiquitously’ connected by 2030. In order to achieve this, forward-thinking Local Authorities are looking for sources of information and/or blueprints to help, and support them, achieve this task successfully and efficiently. In Sweden, Local Authorities have been instrumental in delivering the third-highest FTTH/ B penetration rating in Europe (64.4%). This is thanks to the use of the innovative Open Access Model. This model encourages and increases take-up – especially when financing is still challenging for operators – as it allows multiple ISPs to use the network to deliver services. Ultimately, it opens up access to whole areas and ensures that no communities are left behind.

Why is this so important? Economic uncertainty and the cost-of-living is laying bare the true reality, and impact of, digital exclusion and digital poverty across the country. It is an issue that must be addressed to enable every citizen to flourish and ensure that no one is left behind. Unfortunately, if it’s perceived that a certain geographical demographic won’t subscribe to the service, understandably, network builders can be reluctant to deploy to that area. This might make ‘business sense’ in the current land-grab race in the UK. Still, for those communities being excluded, who, of course, in many cases, are the ones that need the connectivity most – for levelling up employment opportunities and access to funded services – this is disastrous. But herein lies the usefulness of consolidation, a natural and healthy part of market development. One collective race, amongst providers will offer a greater role for wholesale in the future and an increase in fibre competition that only secures a greater choice of options for consumers. And that’s something all providers should want.

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