The marine programme for the NO-UK submarine cable is now underway.

Installation operations for the NO-UK Cable will start this week, after the necessary permits in Norway and the UK were secured last month. The system is due to be commissioned in Q4 of 2021

NO-UK is an open cable system which will span the North Sea from Stavanger in Norway to Newcastle in the UK. The project is being built by the NO-UK Consortium comprising of Altibox Carrier as the operator and a number of other partners.
Xtera is leading the construction of the system, with marine installation being carried out by Global Marine. Other key suppliers include STI (who manufactured the repeaters) and NSW (providers of the cable). Subsea Networks Ltd also consulted on the project.
Geir Ims, Chairman of NO-UK AS, said, “It is a great achievement to have reached this key milestone, which is the result of a significant effort by all parties engaged in this critical project. With the rapidly increasing demand for data worldwide, never has it been more pressing to develop our links with other countries. NO-UK will complement Altibox’s existing architecture and strengthen Norway’s connections globally.”
Joerg Schwartz, Chief Partners and Solutions Officer of Xtera, added, “We are thrilled to have been able to propel the NO-UK project forwards with the swift acquisition of permits, enabling the marine programme to take place in the optimal weather window for the North Sea.”
Hear the latest update on the progress of the NO-UK Cable from Svein Arild Ims, Sales Director at Altibox at this year’s Submarine Networks EMEA conference. To find out how to join us at the event and to hear from NO-UK, as well as other upcoming cable projects in the region, head to the event website.