At this year’s 8th annual Operations Transformation Forum (OTF) held in Dubai, we sat down with Mohamed Laila, Service Operations and Optimisation Director at Etisalat Egypt, to discuss the quality testing of Egypt’s national networks, and how this helps to ensure the best possible customer experience

Laila spoke about how in Egypt, the National Telecom Regulation Authority (known as the NTRA), a national arbitrator independent of stakeholders, government and consumers, conduct regular quality tests on the network, and whose main responsibilities include:

– The formulation and issuance of telecommunications regulations

– Radio spectrum allocation and management

– Approval of telecommunications equipment

– Operating License Verification

– Universal Telecommunications Service and Quality Supervision

Discussing how Etisalat work with the NTRA to continuously improve the network experience, Laila noted that, “Etisalat lead in evaluating telecom carriers in Egypt, such as Mobile Service Quality Measurement. The results of carrier competition tests are released every quarter, and areas that do not meet the mobile network KPI test standards are regarded as unqualified areas. Corresponding operators will then be punished and urged to make improvements”.

“Etisalat actively responds to the requirement of the NTRA and uses Huawei SmartCare, experience management platform, proactive management and experience modelling to identify areas where user experience cannot be satisfied, and then optimise and construct these areas.”

“We note the importance of user service KPIs, which help to manage the user experience. Frankly, user service KPIs could not be obtained in the traditional OSS platform. The Huawei SmartCare platform has helped a lot to collect the user service KPIs, which then enable Etisalat to assure the user experience. Through the deployment of Huawei’s SmartCare, Etisalat is able to gain insight into customers experiences to optimise and improve them. SmartCare is able to collect these user service KPI’s enabling Etisalat to play an active role in digital service improvements, which then ensures a premium user experience on the network.”


Taking an active lead on customer experience management reinforces Etisalat’s user-centric approach, has allowed the firm to take the top position in NTRA competition testing on the last four occasions.

Ending with a discussion of Etisalat’s future plans for an even more enhanced customer experience, Laila concluded, “Egypt’s mobile user market is gradually mature. Etisalat will continue to provide better services for users based on the idea to serve local. We believe Etisalat’s advanced experience management platform and service conception will proactively manage and improve the user experience, and thus, we can serve Egyptian users in a better way.

Egypt is on the way to the deep service transformation as other advanced operators. Etisalat has integrated of the experience management platform with network OSS system. We believe the synergy of both systems will help Etisalat to keep improve the user experience.”

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