Russian operator demonstrates 5G voice and video services in cooperation with Samsung

MTS carried out a series of demonstrations of its 5G capabilities this week, working with vendor partner Samsung.

The Russian telco showed off HD voice calling, video gaming and 4K video streaming over 5G at an event at the Popov Central Museum of Radio Communications.

The various service trials used end-to-end equipment from Samsung, including 5G routers, CPE, prototype tablets, 5G RAN equipment, a virtualised RAN and virtualised core network.

"Our goal is to adapt new technologies to commercial use in cooperation with industry-leading vendors," said Pavel Korotin, director of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region at MTS, in a statement.

"Today’s trial with Samsung Electronics demonstrates that 5G is not an academic theory, but presents a nearly ready set of practical network solutions that will allow customers to manage a broad range of everyday tasks and open new opportunities that are unachievable on 4G," Korotin said.

Samsung noted that it has been working with MTS since the pair launched LTE networks in northwestern Russia, including St Petersburg, in 2014, adding that they will continue their collaboration in the 5G era.

"Today’s tests demonstrated the readiness of MTS’s network infrastructure for the deployment of 5G," said Seungsik Choi, vice president of Samsung Electronics Russia.

"Samsung is pleased to have MTS as our partner to together explore the capabilities of 5G that are essential to unlocking near-term use cases for both customers and enterprises," he said.