Australian broadband network operator embraces copper extension technology, will use equipment from Nokia, Adtran and Netcomm Wireless

NBN will use technology to extend high-speed broadband to more premises, starting in 2018.

The Australian next-generation broadband network operator said it will include in its multi-technology network rollout, using kit from existing suppliers Nokia, Adtran and Netcomm Wireless.

The announcement comes a full two years after the company trialled technology.

NBN said it achieved speeds of 600 Mbps over a 100-metre length of 20-year-old copper cable as long ago as October 2015.

It has pledged to conduct further testing before launch, but said it expects the technology to give it faster speeds than the current 100 Mbps it can reach using VDSL. will enable data speeds of up to 1 Gbps over copper, using 106 MHz or 212 MHz frequencies, it said.

"Adding to the toolkit for the FTTC [fibre-to-the-curb] and FTTB [fibre-to-the-building] networks will allow us to deliver ultra-fast services faster and more cost effectively than if we had to deliver them on a full fibre-to-the-premises [FTTP] connection," said NBN’s chief strategy officer JB Rousselot, in a statement.

“Our FTTP and HFC end-users already have the technology to support Gigabit services and adding over FTTC provides the upgrade path for our FTTN end users to ultimately receive Gigabit speeds too," he noted.