NTT has announced that it is partnering with Schneider Electric to deliver a private 5G network solution to drive advanced digital solutions in a manufacturing environment.

Building on their existing partnership, NTT and Schneider Electric’s latest collaboration will seek to enable a secure and on-premises end-to-end digital platform which will enable different industries to reap the benefits of private 5G.

NTT’s private 5G solution will be trialled in Schneider’s facility in Kentucky in early 2022. The plant, Lexington Smart Factory, is the first of Schneider’s US bases to become a Smart Factory showcase site using IoT connectivity, edge and predictive analytics.
The private 5G network is expected to enable solutions relating to equipment availability, machine performance and product quality. Additionally, the pilot will offer a model for operational integrity management which can be scaled across further factory environments.
Shahid Ahmed, EVP New Ventures and Innovation at NTT commented: “With this strategic partnership, we are confident that NTT’s private 5G solution will support Schneider Electric business and service level objectives with a powerful machine vision solution that solves for operational continuity and performance throughout the Lexington and Lincoln plant facilities. Our private 5G platform brings full-stack managed services, process workflow and IoT application integration capabilities that both addresses strategic objectives towards factory high performance and net zero carbon emission goals.”
“In partnering with NTT, Schneider Electric further extends its manufacturing expertise along with data center and network solutions to drive innovations for self-contained Edge Private 5G use-cases,” added Luc Rémont, Executive Vice President International Operations at Schneider Electric.
Building, deploying and scaling private 5G networks will be a key topic at this year’s Total Telecom Congress 2022. Join us in London on 1st and 2nd November to understand the most important topics being discussed in telco boardrooms around the globe. Head to the event website to find out how to get involved.