The partners claim the 4G/5G private network capable of network slicing, deployed at Schneider Electric’s plant in France, is an industry first

Back in September 2020, Orange announced the first deployment of an indoor 5G private sector in the French industrial sector, doing so at Schneider Electric’s factory in Le Vaudreuil, Normandy. 

At the time, two main use cases were being piloted: an augmented reality application called EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, allowing factory operators to superimpose real-time data and virtual objects onto a cabinet, machine, or entire plan; and the AXYN mobile telepresence robot, which uses 5G to transmit high quality video and audio, facilitating remote visits to the site, reducing the need for in-person visits.

Now, this partnership will be taken one step further, with Orange and Nokia announcing that the Le Vaudreuil site will now support network slicing, another first for French industry.

The slicing solution will support LTE, 5G standalone and 5G non-standalone endpoints and also includes domain controller software in the RAN, core, and transport layers.

The slicing will allow for a more optimised network, with slices being created devoted to logical, self-contained, and partitioned network functions. This means new use cases will, in effect, have the network customised to their specific needs, allowing for optimal performance and reduced time to deployment.

“Thanks to Nokia’s advanced network slicing technology, Orange is able with Schneider Electric to further explore the power of private connectivity Scalable 4G / 5G applied to industrial uses,” said Arnaud Vamparys, Director of Mobile Networks at Orange Innovation and Orange’s 5G Program.

“With Nokia’s network slicing solution, communication service providers and businesses can gain a leading market advantage through the early launch of new cutting services, for all end users equipped with 4G or 5G terminals,” said Tommi Uitto, Managing Director of Mobile Networks at Nokia.


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