With over 60 expert speakers and 700 virtual attendees, Project Rollout is this year’s essential interactive event to keep you up to date with the state of the UK’s broadband industry

Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck last year, it was clear that delivering gigabit-capable broadband to every home in the UK by 2025 would be an incredible challenge, one that many in the industry thought to be near impossible. Nonetheless, the industry continued driving forward throughout 2020, using innovative rollout strategies and the latest technologies in an aim to make the government’s image of a gigabit Britain a reality. 

By November, the government’s target had been somewhat revised, now aiming for a minimum of 85% of homes covered by the 2025 deadline. But is this target any more achievable? How is the industry bouncing back from the pandemic to redouble their fibre deployment efforts?
In Project Rollout, a sister event to Connected Britain, the Total Telecom team brings you an event dedicated to an in-depth exploration of the technology, engineering, and delivery strategies from the nation’s most innovative internet service providers. With a two-day agenda full of expert speakers from a host of professional backgrounds, this interactive event seeks to break down some of the UK’s biggest challenges and build a productive dialogue throughout the broadband community.
Let’s take a look at some of the highlight sessions from the agenda.

Gigabit UK: Progress report on the rollout of ‘gigabit capable’ broadband networks
March 17th 09:00 GMT
Kicking off Day One is a session poised to set the stage for all of the event’s following sessions. This dialogue will explore just how far the industry has come towards achieving the government’s ambitious target, and exactly what needs to change over the following year’s to maximise the industry’s rollout potential. 
This will be an excellent introductory session that will leave all attendees better informed about the nuances of the UK broadband industry and the scale of the challenges it now faces.
• Jeanie York, CTIO, Virgin Media
 Daniel Butler, Director Of Policy & Regulation, Hyperoptic
• Vito Morawetz, Vice President, Cartesian
• Richard Thorpe, Chief Delivery Officer, CityFibre
• Catherine Colloms, MD Corporate Affairs, Openreach
How can the UK optimise rollout in Area 3? 
March 17th 13:45 GMT
Delivering quality broadband to Area 3, typically sparsely-populated rural areas, has been a major challenge for operators and regulators alike for many years. Are current government policies surrounding Area 3 doing enough to support a rapid rollout in these areas or is further reform needed? This excellent panel will share their wisdom regarding the current regulatory framework, identifying what they believe to be potential roadblocks for the future.

• Kim Mears, MD Strategic Infrastructure Development, Openreach 
• Alex Blowers, Director Regulatory Affairs, CityFibre 
• Raj Kalia, CEO, BDUK 
• Xavier Smet, Head of Client Experience, COMSOF 
 Moderator: Ian Corden, Director, Plum Consulting 
How are emerging technologies shaping fibre deployment strategies?
March 18th 10:00 GMT
Harnessing the latest technologies is, now more than ever, the key to a successful, rapid fibre rollout. In the opening session for Day Two of Project Rollout, we have an expert panel lined up to explore the ways in which emerging technologies are reshaping the strategic deployment frameworks for broadband providers. 
• Roland Montagne, Principal Analyst, Broadband & FTTx, IDATE DigiWorld
• Aloïs Brunel, Co Founder and Chief Product Officer, Deepomatic
• David Tomalin, Group CTO, CityFibre
• Oliver Helm, CEO, Full Fibre Limited
• Colin Lees, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Openreach
How can more effective supply chains better support rollouts? 
March 18th 12:35 GMT
From technology companies to manufacturers, rolling out broadband effectively is about building and maintaining an effective supply chain. But how can these supply chains be optimised to increase efficiencies and accelerate rollout results? Join a panel of stakeholders from a range of positions within the fibre ecosystem to discuss best practices and alignment towards a shared strategic goal.
• Mike Brooman, Head of Procurement and Logistics, Community Fibre 
 Kevin Murphy, MD Fibre and Network Delivery, Openreach 
• Tony Mitchell, Director Network Operations, Hyperoptic 
 Christian Aasheim, Group CEO, Melbye  
• Geoff Buddington, Key Account Sales Director, CommScope 
• Moderator: Roland da Silva, Independent Strategy Advisor 

Project Rollout will take place on March 17th–18th with many more amazing sessions from thought leaders throughout the industry.
Explore the agenda in more detail here and don’t forget to book your place now.
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