Japanese SAR satellite data and solutions provider, Synspective, has successfully reached target orbit with its third SAR satellite, StriX-1.

StriX-1 was launched from New Zealand by Rocket Lab, an end-to-end space company who offer a range of services including launch and satellite manufacture. The satellite was put into its target orbit, a Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO), with an altitude of 561km with the purpose of providing observation and data acquisition to monitor cities and infrastructure. Use cases for such satellites range from monitoring shipping and transport through to observing potential geohazards.

Synspective founder and CEO, Dr. Motoyuki Arai said “With our “StriX-α” and “StriX-β” satellites already in orbit, Synspective has been able to develop its techniques and acquire the know-how for multiple operations. With the addition of our third satellite, we will be able to increase troves of data to analyze and interpret for real-world applications and our client’s wide range of needs as well as further accelerate the construction of the satellite constellation.”