Swiss mobile operator makes a play for fixed space with fibre-based triple-play offer based on energy company networks

Swiss mobile operator Salt this week announced its arrival into the fixed-line market with the launch of a triple-play service using the network infrastructure of local utility companies.

The telco, which styled itself as a provider offering the "essentials for a mobile life" when it introduced its current brand almost three years ago, on Tuesday presented plans to move into the fixed-line space currently dominated by incumbent Swisscom with a fibre-based voice, TV and broadband offering.

The firm’s offering is centred on a simple pricing structure that undercuts Swisscom by some margin: its standard triple-play product costs 49.95 Swiss francs (€43) per month, plus a one-off connection fee of CHF99.95; for Salt Mobile customers the service is billed at CHF39.95. Similar services from Swisscom come in at in excess of CHF100 per month.

"Salt is evolving from a mobile-only operator to offering the full suite of telecommunication services in Switzerland, including revolutionary triple-play based on ultra-fast broadband technology," the operator said, in a statement.

"After several years of planning, development and technological tests, Salt is proud to bring to the market its Fiber Box offer, which will revolutionise the triple play and bundling market," added Andreas Schönenberger, CEO of Salt Mobile.

Schönenberger described the new bundle as "by far the most attractively priced offer in the country."

The mobile operator, which was known as Orange Switzerland until its acquisition by Xavier Niel in 2015, said it will use the fibre network infrastructure of Swiss Fiber Net (SFN), a joint venture of regional energy providers in the country that offers connectivity on a wholesale basis.

SFN reaches 30 cities and regions in Switzerland with footprint expansion earmarked for the coming months and years, Salt said.

Salt’s triple-play offer also relies on Apple 4K TV.

Salt is Switzerland’s third largest mobile operator with a market share of 16.7%, according to the most recent figures from the country’s Federal Office of Communications.

Swisscom leads the mobile market, serving 58.8% of customers, and claims a market share in excess of 60% on the fixed-line side.