The South Korean telco has partnered with members of the Bridge Alliance to focus on the key technology

Mobile edge computing (MEC) is a technology at the heart of providing ultra-low latency services, such as cloud gaming, autonomous vehicles, and ‘smart’ industry.
Now, South Korean telecoms giant SK Telecom has announced the launch of the ‘Global MEC taskforce’ in collaboration with the Bridge Alliance. 
The Bridge Alliance, a partnership of 34 major mobile telecoms companies in Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, includes major national telcos like Singtel, Globe, Taiwan Mobile, and PCCW Global.
With SK Telecom at its helm as the organisation’s first chair, the taskforce aims to develop the MEC ecosystem throughout Asia.
As well as hosting a MEC worship for members of the taskforce, SK Telecom will also share its 5G strategies surrounding its experience with its ‘smart factory’ and 5G clusters, such as Seoul eSports venue ‘LoL Park’. 
“As the global 5G pioneer, SK Telecom is committed to contribute to the expansion of the global 5G ecosystem,” said Lee Kang-won, VP and head of Cloud Labs at SK Telecom. “SK Telecom will work closely with Bridge Alliance Member Operators to help accelerate their progress in 5G and MEC and create a pan-Asian 5G MEC ecosystem.”
This announcement shows an increasing necessity on the part of telcos to expand beyond simple mobile connectivity if they are to flourish in the coming digital era. By furthering cooperation between businesses throughout the local region, integrated value-added services reliant on MEC can become seamless between networks.
“Bridge Alliance believes that this cooperation will serve as a key driver for realizing win-win business opportunities to all members,” explained Ong Geok Chwee, CEO of Bridge Alliance.
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