The South Korean telco is partnering with its security subsidiary ADT Caps Co. and video management company Innodep Inc. to co-develop video analysis services

Around the world, video surveillance systems are becoming more prominent and the South Korean market, both in the private and public sectors, is no exception. 
Now, a new partnership between SK Telecom, ADT Caps, and Innodep will see the trio work together to create some AI-powered surveillance solutions. SK Telekom will provide the AI algorithms and semiconductors for the solution, making use of Innodep’s video management platform,
The ultimate goal for the collaboration is to develop real-time security services for public and industrial settings. The trio plans to solve existing defects in video analysis systems, such as false alarms.
ADT Caps itself is SK Telecom’s security subsidiary, which merged with the operator’s other security unit, SK Infosec, back in November last year. With Infosec already the largest security IT firm in the country and ADT Caps the second largest physical security company, the merger was primed to create a dominant force in the South Korean market, with professed goals of exporting its converged security products overseas. AI surveillance solutions would appear to fit perfectly within this framework.
The pandemic seems to have accelerated SK Telecom’s interest in AI solutions. Last year the company launched a semiconductor specifically focussed on supporting AI solutions and, back in May, the operator announced that it would be using an AI voice service called Nugu to check up on quarantined citizens , asking them questions and collecting data which could then be passed to health professionals. In this way, SK Telecom hoped to help relieve the burden on the country’s healthcare system. 
Even more recently, SK Telecom released AI-powered wireless earphones earlier this week.
But AI is not SK Telecom’s only area of interest. In additional news today, SK Telecom has announced it will work with the local unit of Standard Chartered Bank to incorporate the MyData Cloud system for the banking sector. The solution collects private credit information from various financial firms, allowing the customer to manage them all from a single platform. 
SK Telecom says they plan to work with Microsoft to use Azure for this process, aiming to begin services in July.
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