U.S., Spain and Peru top list of countries for originating fraudulent calls according to company’s new report.

Thanks to its high termination rates, Cuba is the top country for terminating fraudulent mobile calls, according to new research published by Syniverse on Wednesday.

Data analysed by the company between 1 November 2015 and 31 October 2016 revealed that a large amount of the fraudulent traffic coming into Cuba originates from Mexican SIM cards being used in the U.S.

In fact, the U.S. tops the global charts in terms of countries from where fraudulent calls originate. Spain ranks second, while Peru comes in third.

In Spain, the influx of tourists, particularly from the U.K., fosters an ideal environment for budding fraudsters, Syniverse said. Indeed, 56% of fraudulent calls originating from Spain use SIM cards from the U.K.

"Analysing first-hand data is invaluable in the fight against mobile fraud," said Kyle Dorcas, vice president of policy and risk management at Syniverse. "Unfortunately, experiences with fraud attacks are not often shared between operators, which can limit knowledge and make the challenge of combating fraud much more difficult."

The data compiled by Syniverse was gleaned from more than 120 operators that use its cloud-based fraud management services.

"Our global network of mobile operators and the data from our work with them creates a unique fraud protection database and a window into the most critical fraud threats," Dorcas said.