TDC today announced that it had commercially launched its 5G network in various locations throughout Denmark, expecting nationwide coverage by the end of the year

Danish 5G has arrived, courtesy of the country’s largest operator TDC. 
The operator today launched its commercial 5G network using Ericsson equipment, having deployed around 3,000 base stations since the start of deployment back in October last year. A number of major cities, including Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, and Helsingør are among those currently covered, with TDC expecting to achieve 80% national coverage by the end of the year.
“I am happy and proud that we have so quickly fulfilled our ambitions to open up for 5G coverage at a national level and provide access to particularly fast speeds in the centre of Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Helsingør,” said TDC CEO Andreas Pfisterer. “The opening is important at a time when we more than ever need strong infrastructure to handle the consumption of mobile data, which is growing by up to 40 percent per year.”
TDC will be especially pleased to have achieved the launch ahead of their initial schedule, since it has allowed them to narrowly beat the 5G launch of the shared network owned by their rivals Telia and Telenor, which was recently announced to take place later this month. 
Telenor and Telia have been trialling 5G for some time, mostly centred around Copenhagen and Aalborg; these are the two cities that will be part of the pair’s initial 5G launch, with Odense and Aarhus expected to quickly follow. The further rollout will reportedly take place “based on customer and market demand,” according to Thomas Kjærsgaard, Head of Telia in Denmark.
"A smart rollout, where our customers will get the most out of both the new 5G network and leverage existing, strong and nationwide 4G network. Our priority is to ensure that we can offer the best network coverage and at the same time enable innovative digital solutions that utilise the technologies and capacity of our network,” he explained.
The rollout is expected to continue steadily over the following years, particularly as spectrum becomes increasingly available.
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