The telco space is changing. 2020 has thrust network operators into the limelight like never before, forcing them to rapidly adapt to the new normal of a world in crisis

For the most part, the telco networks have proven themselves flexible and agile in the face of the pandemic, but to succeed in this ever-more digital world will take more than just a reliable network. With the advent for 5G and new technologies like the IoT, edge computing, and AI, telcos will have to transform if they want to excel in this hypercompetitive telecoms landscape. 
Getting to grips with these emerging technologies in no easy task. Operators must not only be quick to adopt the new tech at scale, but also do so in a way that offers unique and attractive products and services for their customers – and that will require innovation.
That is why Total Telecom and Intel are partnering to deliver a special one-day event, focussing on the innovative ways in which telcos can harness the latest technologies to bring them a cut above the rest. 
The event will be split into four simultaneous tracks, giving attendees the opportunity to focus specifically on the areas that interest them the most and will deliver the greatest benefit to their business. Whether you are primarily interested in how to maximise ROI from your 5G network or how to deliver value-added services through the IoT, these focussed tracks will offer dedicated and practical insight.
• 5G  • IoT & Edge • Cloud & Data Centre • Artificial Intelligence 
Each of these tracks has been created with the help of Intel’s extensive partner ecosystem, including expert speakers from GenXComm, Tibit Communications, TriEye, Airy3D, Memverge, Minio, Anodot, and Matroid, presenting a deep dive into how these technologies are reshaping the telco playing field, with numerous examples of innovation in action. 
“Delivering on the promise of emerging technologies like AI, 5G and cloud computing requires more than just tech leadership, it takes partnership and collaboration,” explained Alex Gledhill, Global Account Director for Intel’s Vodafone account team. “Which is why we are so excited to work with companies like GenXComm, Tibit Communications, TriEye, Airy3D, Memverge, Minio, Anodot, and Matroid in order to help deliver solutions that will enable mobile operators to evolve and grow their business to meet the ever changing needs of their customers.”
Finally, each track will culminate in a specialised panel discussion, bringing Intel’s partners together with senior figures from Vodafone to discuss the track topics more broadly and explore how various solutions could work in the context of one of the world’s biggest operators.
Of course, no panel session would be complete without the opportunity for the audience to have their voices heard, with time dedicated to Q&A at the end of each panel.
It is undeniable that harnessing these new technologies is going to be of immense value to telcos in the coming years and there can be no delay in their implementation. Digitalisation is accelerating at a blistering pace, from the business world to our own private lives, meaning telcos must seize this opportunity or run the risk of being outpaced by savvy third-party enterprises. If there is one lesson that the pandemic is teaching us, it is that the time is now – innovation will not wait.
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