The new unit, aiming at digital innovation, launches with Chema Alonso at its head

In November last year Telefonica laid out an action plan that seeks to generate more than €2 billion by 2022. This new strategy will see them spin off their Latin American portfolio (with the exception of Brazil), instead focusing on their European markets. 
Building on this plan, the Spanish operator has announced the creation of a new global unit designed to make sales processes and customer relations “more digital, faster, and simpler”.
This unit, the Chief Digital Consumer Office (CDCO), will be led by Chema Alonso, previously the company’s chief data officer. It will aim to provide support for new digital products and services, particularly in relation to the digital home, as well as working closely with startups.
Additional key figures in the new business unit are Francisco Jose Montalvo (chief data officer), David del Val (core innovation), Antonio Guzman (director of digital home), and Fabio Bruiggioni (digital consumer director).
Irene Gomez’s Connected Open Innovation network will also be subsumed within the new CDCO.
Telefonica’s reshaping continues to make waves not only internally but also internationally.
Rumours from earlier this month suggested that a billionaire consortium was seeking to purchase a majority share in Telefonica’s LatAm assets, but so far this has not developed. Similarly, the London-based private equity firm Novator Partners have also been reported as interested in purchasing Telefonica Colombia. 
One thing is for sure: many parties will be watching the emerging Telefonica reshuffle with great interest.
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