Spanish incumbent to integrate Sigfox networks, cloud platform with its managed connectivity solution.

Telefonica on Wednesday picked Sigfox to support its global IoT deployment.

Under the agreement, Sigfox’s proprietary low power, wide area (LPWA) networks, and its cloud platform, will be integrated with Telefonica’s managed connectivity platform.

This will allow Telefonica to offer customers a choice of cellular-based IoT networks, or IoT connectivity based on Sigfox’s proprietary technology, or both.

"The simplicity of Sigfox’s connectivity solution and its global IoT ecosystem are a great complement to our IoT connectivity technologies and our LPWA strategy," said Andres Escribano new IoT connectivity business director at Telefonica. "Together, we are more able to help our customers capitalise upon the great IoT opportunity and conquer new markets."

Telefonica and Sigfox are already holding discussions with customers in the asset-tracking and smart-metering industries about supporting mass IoT deployments across Europe and Latin America in 2017. Potential markets include those within Telefonica’s footprint, such as Spain, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil, as well others like France and the U.S. Sigfox’s LatAm network partner, WND, is also in talks with multiple Telefonica opcos in the region.

"Existing customers are already developing new use cases based on our combine value proposals, with cellular and Sigfox’s connectivity working seamlessly to provide powerful IoT use cases," said Ludovic Le Moan, CEO of Sigfox.

"We are honoured to have reached this agreement with Telefonica," he said. "It is a true testament to the mass IoT opportunity."