Austrian incumbent adopts A1 brand for its global group identity

Telekom Austria ramped up its rebranding on Tuesday, applying the A1 moniker to its group brand.

It means that going forward, Telekom Austria Group will become A1 Telekom Austria Group. The move is part of a broader rebranding of the operator’s subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe, announced in September.

"We speed up at implementing a powerful unified market presence for all of our operations and improving our international visibility. This is supposed to support the efficiency and growth targets of A1 Telekom Austria Group and its subsidiary companies by acting even stronger as ‘one company’," said Alejandro Plater, CEO and COO of the newly-named A1 Telekom Austria Group, in a statement.

The Austrian incumbent has for years offered services under the A1 brand in Austria and Slovenia. However, until now, its operations in Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia have used various iterations of the ‘Vip’ brand. Meanwhile, it has offered services in Bulgaria and Belarus under the Mobitel and Velcom brands respectively.

Adopting a unified brand is designed to create the perception that A1 Telekom Austria Group is "a powerful international company," Plater said, back in September.