Telenor Maritime will make use of the new Havfrue subsea cable that links Norway directly to the NJFX landing station in New Jersey, USA

NJFX is a carrier-neutral campus that currently hosts four subsea cable networks, making it a major hub for East Coast connectivity. 
Now, Telenor Maritime has announced that it will access the 7200 km Havfrue subsea cable system linking the US to Northern Europe via the NJFX campus.
“Telenor Maritime will be one of the first telecom operators to take advantage of Bulk Infrastructure’s Nordic Gateway at NJFX,” said Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX. “This gateway will directly connect US content, cloud and service providers with the Nordics, unlocking the many capabilities related to sustainable digital services and emissions-free hydropower in that region.” 
The Havfrue cable connects New Jersey to Denmark, with branches also connecting to Ireland and Norway. It was constructed by a consortium of investors, including Aqua Comms, Bulk Infrastructure, Google and Facebook. 
Using the newfound connectivity that the Havfrue connection provides, Telenor Maritime will increase both marine and shore connectivity for ships and rigs, allowing for the secure transfer of large amounts of data wirelessly.
“We are well on our way to unlocking the Nordics and enabling new capabilities for our clients globally,” said Lars-Erik Lunøe, CEO of Telenor Maritime.
NJFX CEO Gil Santaliz is a speaker at Submarine Networks EMEA 2020. Early bird tickets are available until Friday the 31st, so don’t miss out for your chance to hear the latest on this exciting development for US–Nordic connectivity
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