We spoke to Aimie Chapple, CEO of Capita Experience to discuss how customer expectations are transforming and what service providers need to do to ensure to meet these emerging needs

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, our lives are undeniably more digital than ever before. For consumers, this has meant not only an enormous shift to online services, but also a greater appreciation for what high quality customer experience looks like.
For Aimie Chapple, CEO of Capita Experience, who spoke to us at this year’s live Connected Britain, there are two elements at the heart of creating an excellent customer experience in this increasingly digital age: humanity and simplicity.  
“It’s really important to remember that there’s a human being on the other side,” said Chapple. “We need to think about how we create experiences for those customers that are end-to-end and enabled by technology.”
“As service providers, we need to think about all the ways that we can make [serving customers] easier, whether its through automation making the transactions more frictionless, or its ensuring that we focus on the empathy, or personalisation, to help that individual customer have a fantastic experience. Those are the things that really matter.”

You can view our full interview with Aimie Chapple from the link above.

Here, Chapple highlights that the use of advanced technology and data analytics should not lead to a less personal experience; in fact, it should allow service providers to get closer to their customers than ever before. 
“For example, using things like AI to understand how people are feeling during a process can make for an amazing journey in that process,” she explained, adding that accessibility of these technologies and a ‘digital first’ approach was crucial to improvement. “We need to ensure that the digital touchpoints are there for them, using the right technology at the right time.”
In this changing digital landscape, understanding customers on a nuanced, individual level will soon become paramount to ensuring excellence in customer experience.
“We’ve got to understand them – sometimes better than they understand themselves! – and as we do that, that will create an experience from the first instance all the way through to the outcome they are looking for.”
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