The operator said that solution will allow for faster deployment of 5G digital applications by making use of automation and edge computing

At the start of March 2020, TIM and Google announced a new partnership covering cloud and edge computing services, building on an MoU they signed back in November 2019. In line with the rapidly expanding cloud market, TIM said at the time that it would aim to generate €1 billion from cloud services by 2024.

By the start of 2021, TIM had acquired 100% of cloud specialist Noovle, intending for the unit to ultimately operate TIM’s 17 Italian data centres.

Now, via Noovle, TIM has begun creating what it describers as Italy’s first ‘5G cloud network’. 

According to TIM, the solution will allow for ‘faster deployment of the 5G digital applications through the automation of industrial processes and the implementation of services in real time, thanks to edge computing, based on specific requirements’. 

The project combines TIM’s telco cloud infrastructure with Google’s cloud solutions and Ericsson’s 5G core and automation technologies. 

TIM suggests that this new project could be particularly impactful for enterprises in the automotive and transport sectors, allowing for improved logistics and productions processes. 

The 5G cloud network will be available in close proximity to the business premises, allowing for the lowest latencies possible. Ultimately, this will allow enterprise customers to adopt 5G services and connectivity without requiring the physical infrastructure of the core to be deployed at these sites.

Of course, security will be of paramount importance for this network, with TIM noting that the technology is being developed ‘in full compliance with data protection and in line with the strictest sector standards’.

Just three weeks ago, the Italian government announced that it would be forming a new cybersecurity agency as the country continues to work on its unified cloud infrastructure.


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