In this new whitepaper, Ciena’s Senior Director, Verticals & Solutions Marketing, Brian Lavallée, introduces “the ultimate end-state, leveraging Programmable Infrastructure, Analytics and Intelligence, Software Control and Automation, and Services”

As data demand soars in an ever more connected world, it is easy to forget that 99% of all intercontinental communication takes place over submarine cables stretching across the ocean floor. 

Traditionally, these end-to-end optical networks had a clear demarcation between terrestrial and submarine networks, but new advances in technology have allowed for submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE) to be located further inland, closer to the communication service providers (CSPs) themselves. 

Now, Ciena is introducing their pioneering GeoMesh Extreme network solution, the first solution of its kind to unite land- and sea-based networks into a simpler network architecture, allowing their operators to operate the submarine cable and terrestrial backhaul networks on each end as a single, unified, and seamless all-optical—no optical-electrical-optical (OEO) stages—connection.

In fact, the GeoMesh Extreme takes this concept of a single, unified network even further, physically relocating SLTE into core data centres, the heart of the cloud, delivering numerous performance benefits. 

With Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme traditional demarcation points are eliminated to create a seamless cloud network, overland and undersea.


To learn more about Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme solution and their Adaptive Network philosophy, you can read the white paper ‘GeoMesh Extreme Land. Sea. Cloud. Networks Unite’ by Brian Lavallée, Senior Director, Verticals & Solutions Marketing at Ciena HERE

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