Private network expansion is scheduled to begin in 2020, with Deutsche Glasfaser constructing the fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks and leasing them to Vodafone

Cooperation between Deutsche Glasfaser and Vodafone began in 2017 with the agreement to supply the business parks of Düsseldorf with fibre-optic networks. Since then, the two companies have expanded upon their agreement, now planning to bring the same fibre-optic access to residents throughout Germany.
Discussion with municipalities will begin in the Hesse region during 2020, with the intention of bringing access to fibre-optic broadband to homes within 2 years. 
Deutsche Glasfaser will deploy the passive infrastructure, while Vodafone handle the pre-marketing and will operate the active equipment and supply services to customers. 
This announcement of increased partnership has received praise from Stephan Albers, Executive Director of the Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation (BREKO), who: "The fixed network in Germany is booming. Our members build the fibre-optic networks and make up the vast majority of all direct fibre connections available in Germany. Therefore, it is only logical that even large market players such as Vodafone now have to use these future-proof fibre-optic networks based on open access models to supply their customers. The motto must be: Open Access instead of nonsensical superstructure!"
“The supply of entire regions with high-performance glass fiber can run fast and efficiently," added Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.
Updates regarding which communities will benefit from this fibre-optic expansion have yet to be announced.

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