The city stands to become one of the best connected in the country

Vodafone’s ongoing collaboration with CityFibre continues to bear fruit, with Cambridge is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s leading connectivity hubs. 
The network offers speeds of 900Mbps, some of the fastest in the country.
The announcement comes following CityFibre’s pledge to invest a further £20 million in full fibre infrastructure for the city last April. 
“We are making the city one of the best-connected places in the country. We’ve made huge progress so far, it is tremendous to see the first homes and businesses now reaping the benefits of full fibre and seeing first-hand the difference it can make to their lives,” said Charles Kitchin, CityFibre’s City Manager for Cambridge.
The network is not yet complete, with expansion planned to continue throughout the first quarter of 2020. 
 “We are working with our infrastructure partner, CityFibre, to connect up homes across the city with the aim to offer more than 4,500 households’ access to the service within the first three months of 2020,” said explained Max Taylor, Vodafone UK’s Consumer Director.
A fully activated full fibre network could represent a huge boon for Camridge’s tech-heavy economy, which estimates suggest could be boosted by £470 million over the next 15 years.
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