Total Telecom had the chance to speak with Roshan Thekkekunnel, Group Manager for Hybrid IT Telco Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise about the value of interoperability when it comes to 5G

For Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), who have long worked alongside telcos in the IT space, 5G represents an interesting opportunity. The company was at the forefront of helping telcos to deploy virtualised network functions and now, with 5G, they are ready to go one step further. 


“5G is all about microservices running on virtualised platforms,” explained Thekkekunnel. “It was a natural fit for us. All of the work we have done over the past five or six years building these virtualised networks is now bring brought to bear in the 5G era. We are in a great position to help our customers reimagine their networks.”

Now, as 5G begins to be deployed around the world, one thing the industry is quickly learning is the value of decoupling the hardware and software layers.


“5G will fundamentally change the way the networks are deployed,” said Thekkekunnel. “It will need a different kind of infrastructure, different operating systems, different acceleration technologies at the edge versus what you have in the core… It’s become quite obvious to us that the homogeneous vertical stacks that were traditionally being deployed in the past will no longer be applicable for 5G networks.”


When discussing the benefits of this interoperable, multi-vendor approach, Thekkekunnel highlights enabling innovation as a key driver.


“It’s really critical not to lead only from a flexibility and choice perspective, but also from an innovation perspective,” he said. “Tomorrow, if ‘Vendor X’ has the latest and best technology in their hardware or software, the telcos should have the ability to integrate into their network without having to change the entire management stack.”


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