Having announced a record financial year, the Saudi operator seeks to boost its FTTH and 5G networks

Zain Saudi Arabia (Zain KSA) has announced a record financial year which could have big implications for its 2020 connectivity ambitions.

Yesterday, the company shared impressive 2019 results across all key indicators, including a 46% increase in net profit compared to 2018, totaling around 485 million riyals (~$130 million).

“Zain KSA’s improving financial results are due to the diligent implementation of its digital growth strategy,” said group CEO Bader Al Kharafi.

The company has since announced its intentions to harness its position to further build out and scale up its 5G mobile network in the coming year, as well as increasing FTTH penetration.

In October 2019, Zain KSA was one of the first MNOs worldwide to launch a fully commercial 5G network, which is now the largest in the Kingdom.

Zain KSA is gradually expanding its range of digital services, launching Zain KSA Cloud in 2019 and exploring fintech services via Tamam. More deals in the fields of IoT, healthcare, and automation are also in the works.


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