Over the last 7 years, the Asia Communication Awards (ACA) have rewarded innovation and outstanding achievement in one of the world’s most exciting telecoms markets. On May 24th in Singapore we will once more celebrate the achievements of all those companies who entered the 2017 Asia Communications awards and we’re shortlisted. 

In all, there will be 18 awards up for grabs including the prestigious CEO of the year category which is voted for by you, the wider Telecoms industry. This year we have 13 CEO’s vying for this prestigious award and you can see the CEO shortlist here.  

One of those nominated this year is Mr. Yu Cheng, Chairman and CEO of Chunghwa Telecom. Total Telecom have partnered with Chunghwa to give our readers an overview of the work of Mr. Yu Cheng and Chunghwa in general. 

Chunghwa Telecom is Taiwan’s largest integrated telecom operator, with leading positions in the fixed network, mobile services, big data and various other international businesses. However, given the global telecommunication transformations taking place, similar to our peers, Chunghwa Telecom is currently facing multiple challenges.  Thesechallenges include declining voice revenues, increased investment in broadband network construction, as OTT service providers use other telecom operators’ existing broadband network to provide OTT service at deeply discounted prices in order to grab market share. Over the past few years, Chunghwa Telecom has been active in transforming into an information and communication services company, from a traditional telecom company, to drive further growth momentum, through further integration in the telecom space, cooperation with strategic partners, and continuously launching a series of competitive digital convergence services for individual, family and enterprise customers.

Mr. Yu Cheng, Chairman and CEO of Chunghwa Telecom, joined the company in 2016. Prior to Chunghwa Telecom, Mr. Cheng was the Editor-in-Chief of the Commercial Times. He also served as the President and Director of Taiwan Television Enterprise, Ltd., the Chairman of Radio Taiwan International, as well as the Vice Chairperson of Fair Trade Commission. Mr. Cheng has extensive experience in media operations and digital development. He deeply understood the opportunities and challenges facing us in the era of digital convergence. 

Mr. Cheng has been proactively leading 5G development since he took the position as Chunghwa Telecom’s Chairman and CEO. Under his leadership, Chunghwa Telecom has leveraged its in-house research capacity to develop critical technology adaptable to a 5G environment, being continuously participating in international organizations, including Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) and The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), and has established alliances with world-class enterprises. Chunghwa Telecom aims to take the lead in launching 5G mobile broadband services in Taiwan. Meanwhile, in order to capitalize on the potentially prosperous development of 5G IoT applications, Chunghwa Telecom has rolled out an open IoT platform which currently offers cloud computing, information security, big data, AI, AR/VR and other application services to enterprise customers. Going forward, by further leveraging Mr. Cheng’s strong strategic mindset and efficient management style, Chunghwa Telecom believes it will be able to drive more investment into 5G related businesses and enterprises as well as strengthen its alliances with local and international partners to stimulate more innovative IoT applications, build new business models, and create its next stage of international competitiveness.

In addition, to the huge potential for digital convergence services, Chairman Cheng has led the company to work hard in boosting MOD/IPTV business development. In the face of intense challenges from cable operators’ bundled broadband and content services, Chairman Cheng has focused on improving broadband speeds and competitive offerings to drive sustainable growth in MOD/IPTV, and subsequently reinforce Chunghwa Telecom’s competitiveness in digital convergence services. Moreover, in March 2017, Chunghwa Telecom announced the first 4K service on MOD/IPTV platform in Taiwan, aiming to lead the content industry’s move towards 4K services. Chairman Cheng believes 2017 is a pivotal year for Chunghwa Telecom’s digital transformation and will lead the company to become “the core engine for Taiwan’s digital economy and the backbone for continued innovation.”

As a result of these achievements, Mr. Yu Cheng is a strong contender for your vote for the CEO of the year category. If you’d like to vote for Mr. Yu Cheng, please do so here