Author: Total Telecom Staff

The Story Behind the Asian Games

The 2023 Asian Games, held in Hangzhou, China, were a historic occasion. This was the first major multi-sport event since the Covid pandemic, with over 12,000 athletes from 45 countries competing in a 16-day extravaganza. The games showcased the latest innovations in and out of the arena, such as the emergence of eSports, the expansion of Alipay’s third-party payment service to international bank cards, and the integration of AI, VR, and cutting-edge digital technologies.

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Adtran announces new Terafactory in Germany

Adtran today announced the opening of its new Terafactory in Meiningen, Germany, fortifying supply chain resilience and accelerating regional technological advancements. The new state-of-the-art facility brings production back to Central Europe, boosting the company’s robustness against global logistics shocks and promising to create new local jobs.

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Samsung and Telefónica partner for German Open RAN trial

Samsung Electronics and O2 Telefónica today announced that the companies will test advanced cloud-native vRAN (“virtualized Radio Access Network”) and Open RAN technologies in Germany. The two technologies enable network operators to set up even more flexible network architectures in which hardware and software are separated from each other and individual components are virtualized.

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Ericsson launches 5G standalone software toolkit

Ericsson has launched a new software toolkit to strengthen 5G Standalone network capabilities and enable premium services with differentiated connectivity. The portfolio enhancement comes as the growth of new use cases and rising mobile user expectations on the quality of 5G experience are putting greater demands on network capacity and performance.

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Ericsson launches ‘India 6G’ project

Press Release

Ericsson has announced the launch of its ‘India 6G’ program with the formation of an India 6G Research team in its Chennai R&D Center. Ericsson has three R&D Centers in India: in Chennai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon. This ‘India 6G’ team comprises of senior research leaders and a team of experienced researchers across Radio, Networks, AI and Cloud, who have been entrusted with developing fundamental solutions for the future of telecommunications.

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