Press Release

During the second half of the year, the first 5G network based on Polish technology will become operational – announced IS-Wireless, responsible for the project. The company will be offering the solution globally and is already providing it to its first customers. IS-Wireless targets 5 percent of the global Open RAN market by 2025.

As explained by IS-Wireless expert Dr. Aleksandra Checko-Jelonek, the 5G solution developed by the company is based on an open network model. Such a system allows for involving multiple technology providers, instead of a single one as seen previously. – Open RAN most valuable quality is the innovative software, which may be based on e.g., cloud solutions. Building a 5G network in this model is not only safer but also cheaper, compared to methods used in past network generations – the expert states. This is why Open RAN is gaining attention and significance all over the world. – Analyses clearly show that every year, the share of Open RAN in network development grows and will soon become the dominant solution. Implementations are taking place already in many countries such as Japan, the USA as well as European ones, including Great Britain, France, and Spain. In Germany in particular, the government has provided over 2 billion euros for building Open RAN in the scope of their development plan. This trend will keep on growing – Dr. Aleksandra Checko-Jelonek prognoses.

IS-Wireless wants to become a global brand
IS-Wireless experts base their predictions on market analyses. It is estimated that global income from Open RAN solutions’ sales over the upcoming six years will grow at a double-digit rate. As early as 2024, the global Open RAN market may be worth 3,2 billion USD and amount for nearly 10 percent of the whole 4G and 5G market. IS-Wireless wants to be a part of this market and become a global player. As announced by the company’s CEO Slawomir Pietrzyk, the enterprise’s goals assume taking over 5 percent of the global market by 2025.
– We’re providing a complete end-to-end solution for building 5G networks in an open ecosystem model. This is a result of 3 years of hard work of our scientists and engineers. That period was preceded by 10 years of research and development efforts – says Slawomir Pietrzyk. – Until now, the telco market remained closed for enterprises such as our company. A handful of the “traditional” providers was the only option. Today we have the opportunity to change that – says Slawomir Pietrzyk. – We are proud to hire very gifted engineers and build the company with experienced leaders from the telco industry. – he adds. IS-Wireless employs over 50 engineers both from Poland and abroad.

Conquering Asia and the USA
Slawomir Pietrzyk, announces the first implementation of IS-Wireless 5G network technology to take place during the second half of 2021. Over the upcoming months, the company will be developing 5G both within and outside Poland. – Nearly twenty interested entities are currently on our list for technology implementations – states Slawomir Pietrzyk. He specifies that further expansion of his company will concern the European Union, the United States, and Asia.

The key market directions for IS-Wireless include Industry 4.0 and private networks. Other very important parts include national rollouts and high-capacity networks. This is motivated by the observed market demand and a set of technologies the company includes in its solutions. Recent studies conducted by ABI Research show that over 84 percent of companies consider the introduction of private 4G and 5G networks for their production activity during upcoming years. – If an enterprise wants to be effective and efficient, it needs to own a networking solution. It will allow for an increase of capability for simultaneously operating wireless tools and devices and to limit delays in manufacturing. It’s a standard, which will only become more widespread – believes Rafal Sanecki, an expert at IS-Wireless. According to analyses cited by IS-Wireless during the next four years, most implementations will regard investments in telecommunication networks carried out in the industrial sector.

IS-Wireless continues to be heavily involved in the research and development work as well. – Our research teams are already working on 6G– says Slawomir Pietrzyk.