Press Release

Fan expectations have changed dramatically when it comes to connectivity and WiFi in stadiums. With their appetite wanting a more faster and free service to help them share their entertainment with friends and family; access to free and easy to connect WiFi can give fans or event goers the opportunity to replay moments from the match, show or business conference. Allowing everyone to share their experience and take them to the ‘global arena’

Stadiums, theatres, museums, hotels, etc are essentially home to thousands of people – a large group of people who are open to engaging marketing campaigns and enjoying a common interest. Capturing user information, creating dynamic advertising with instant purchasing, and offering live viewing of the event offers a fantastic customer experience. By encouraging people to use their mobile device to sign into free stadium WiFi, for example, allows the stadium to see who is online, how often they attend events at the stadium and what they’re interested in. This allows the venue, promoters and advertisers to send relevant news and information to the captive audience, ranging from announcements about upcoming events, through to the travel updates when leaving the venue gives an enhanced experience for the fans.

Telecoms World is experienced in WiFi integration and has worked with a wide range of network installations and venues since 2006. They ensure that their customers can be hands-on with the engagement and offer a scalable, flexible and reliable range of WiFi solutions that drive Return On Investment.

Telecoms World has helped various venues such as theatres, museums, conference centres and shopping centres (to name a few) see a huge impact on their marketing ROI using WiFi engagement. The WiFi can also easily be segmented for specific use so that there’s access for everyone with no loss of speed. For example, management can access their own segment of WiFi, separate from customer WiFi usage.

Built right with Telecoms World, customers will happily engage with marketing campaigns and purchase opportunities whilst your business reaps the rewards!