Press Release

Abloomy today announced that its cloud Wi-Fi management software completed certification with Facebook Express Wi-Fi in the fourth quarter of 2020. Express Wi-Fi is a division of Facebook Connectivity, a group of global internet connectivity initiatives led by Facebook. As one of several programs under the Facebook Connectivity umbrella, Express Wi-Fi partners with mobile network operators and internet service providers (ISPs) to provide internet access via public Wi-Fi hotspots that are "fast, affordable, and reliable," according to Facebook. Facebook assists partners by providing a comprehensive Wi-Fi platform that partners can leverage to better manage and grow their Wi-Fi offerings.

“We are very pleased and honored to have completed this certification,” said Bill Yang, founder and CEO of Abloomy. “The process has validated our cost-effective, feature-rich approach, which delivers a highly efficient carrier-grade solution and enables internet service providers around the world to bring Wi-Fi service to people.”

Based on Smart-Edge architecture, Abloomy’s cloud Wi-Fi platform built a state-of-the-art solution for mobile network operators, ISPs, and WISPs to simplify the deployment, management, and operation of the carrier-grade wireless network. As cloud usage expands so rapidly, distributed enterprises and businesses are moving critical applications to the cloud more quickly than ever before. The company’s cloud Wi-Fi also provides the simplicity of a secure wireless office while its SD-WAN creates a performance-assured network to connect branches, headquarters, and the cloud.

This goal is aligned well with Facebook Express Wi-Fi’s goal of enabling service providers to deliver fast and affordable Wi-Fi. In North America, South America, and Asia, Abloomy is working with several mobile network operators and ISPs to facilitate bringing more people online with fast, affordable, reliable, and scalable Wi-Fi. The Facebook Express Wi-Fi team is working with many countries’ ISPs to promote and recommend Express Wi-Fi. Abloomy has already built relationships with ISPs and wants to take this opportunity to reach out to more ISPs, as Abloomy’s solution has the best quality to price ratio.

Abloomy’s cloud Wi-Fi solution offers the following features:
• Unified Cloud Management
• Wireless Security, Firewall, VPN, Network Access Control
• N+N Redundancy that ensures no single failure point
• Reliable wireless network, including band steering, auto channel, and auto power adjustment
• 4G offloading, wireless Vlan Bridge, SD-WAN