Press Release

Accanto Systems a leader in NFV service lifecycle management, is pleased to announce it has become a member of ETSI, (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Zero Touch Network and Service Management Group.

The group, which aims to define working practices and systems, will enable agile, efficient and qualitative management and automation of emerging and future networks and services. The automation of processes and management is a critical requirement for network operators of all types if they are to develop, build and operate cost-effective, relevant systems for a cloud-oriented, virtualized 5G world.

Accanto’s experience in developing and deploying service lifecycle automation solutions, which provide a cloud native environment and a set of tools that simplify and automate the end to end lifecycle of virtual and physical network services, ensure the company is perfectly placed to contribute to the success of the working group. The group has more than 40 members, including Operators, Deutsche Telekom, Telstra, Turk Telecom, and Telefonica.

Brian Naughton, CTO, Accanto, said, “Complete service lifecycle automation supported by AI and with limited human intervention seems within reach. Whilst the end goal is clear, the technical challenges and complexities involved shouldn’t be underestimated. Accanto acknowledges ETSI’s central role in enabling open industry contributions and in advancing needed technology for this automation paradigm shift. We look forward to contributing.”

About Accanto
Headquartered in Finland and operating globally, Accanto provides a software platform called StratOSS™ which helps customers to simplify and automate the production of NFV services. In providing tools that unify engineering and operations, we decrease the time it takes to design, test, and simplify the production process, improving diagnostics, leading to smarter operations.

Martine Naughton
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